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Catalog Number : Arbor

Quick Overview

The Arbor metal easel frame pays homage to both the royal courtyards of old and contemporary gardens! Available in several sizes, the Arbor metal easel frame is the perfect choice for displaying holiday photos, vacation moments, and botanical beauty captured in your own garden. Each individual Arbor frame is handcrafted using pristine gold and pewter materials, allowing your home to revel in the glory of this classic design with absolute grace. It also makes a perfect gift for ardent gardeners, those with an appreciation for nature, and occasions like Valentine’s Day, weddings, and anniversaries!

The Arbor metal easel frame’s delightful design emphasizes the beauty of nature with an intricately detailed border, recalling the tranquil scenes of regal gardens. The beaded sight and edge create a rich, ornate border on both sides of the floral design. In the middle of the frame, the trailing ivy design creates a beautiful, moving flow, and is reminiscent of the wisteria climbing over the lattice in the early fall. This timeless design makes it a perfect choice for decorating your bedroom, living room, dining room, or office!