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Uniquely Elias

Elias Warranted Highest Quality and Most Artistic Designs

Today craftsmanship and quality have become almost entirely replaced by mass produced inferior quality goods. We however, still hold to the principle that the fine design and quality of our products has absolute priority.

Inferior quality cheap imports are pretty much all you can get now, but we still hand make all our products in the USA, in our own shop, to ensure their highest integrity. Convenient cost cutting and quality degrading short cuts are the norm today but not in our shop thank you.

Extra Fine Pewter

Even with today’s runaway metal prices we still uniquely alloy our own Extra Fine Pewter, using the purest and finest virgin metals to create the worlds best pewter. We still add a small amount of pure silver which dramatically increases strength, brightness and detail sharpness. After casting we hand patina and finish our XF-Pewter using techniques similar to the finishing of sterling silver. Our unique pewter is specially formulated to closely match the appearance of fine polished silver.

Fine Gold Patina

Modern “gold” electroplating is usually done over cheap base metals on top of which “faux gold” finishes are applied, it doesn’t look like real gold because its not.

We start with our Extra Fine Pewter and electroplate it our selves with real gold in our own plant. We then hand finish it to achieve our fine gold patinas, it looks like real gold because it is.

Real Silk Taffeta & Nylon Velvet

We custom make our bi-directional easel backs using USA made real silk taffeta and nylon velvet materials which are dyed in our signature black green color. These very special easel backs are exclusively ours and allow our frames to be used vertically or horizontally while remaining centered and stable. The following example is the same frame shown with the easel swiveled to show both positions.

Unique Hand Cast Designs

Our metal easel back frames feature many unique hand cast easel designs. We want the backs of our frames to look as good as the fronts.