To All of our Amazing Customers
We are temporarily closing Elias Artmetal on February 1, 2021 for 90 days in order to move and transform into Elias Artmetal Atelier. When we reopen we will continue to offer the same great picture frames plus new and unique art products. Look for our designs of exceptional style and quality from our workshop directly to you.
Unfortunately we will not be able to accept or process orders during this time. Please look for our grand reopening this spring.
Constantine and Ruth Elias

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Paris Metro

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Quick Overview

The Paris Metro picture frame is crafted from the finest gold and pewter materials to create a beautiful frame. This elegant picture frame features sophisticated internal and external borders, with an intricate circle and bead pattern. These borders lay the foundation for the beautiful ovular design, with a geometric pattern that will leave you and your guests in awe. With a design influenced by classical French metalwork, this frame is the perfect gift for those people in your life who appreciate classical French art and design.

This frame is reminiscent of the entrance that Hector Guimard originally created for the Paris Metro system, with a similar arch shape. The Porte Dauphine station was built in July 1900 for the World’s Fair.

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