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Catalog Number : Regence

Quick Overview

The Regence Metal Frame adds a regal flavor to any room with a beautifully intricate design full of different textures. Crafted with the finest gold and pewter materials available, this metal picture frame will transport your home to a different century. The Regence Metal Picture Frame makes a perfect gift for people with an appreciation for history, royalty, and anyone with a sophisticated taste. It’s also a great celebratory gift for weddings, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and any other occasions.

The Regence Metal Frame creates an aura of royalty, sophistication and a higher vision with multiple design styles that blend seamlessly. The pearl sight, located on the inside border of the frame, gives any picture an ornate border. The middle of the frame is decorated with a cross-hatching band, which creates a beautiful texture that viewers will be able to appreciate, even from afar. On the outside border of the frame, the mini-beaded edging makes for an elegant finishing touch, reminding viewers of the beauty of royal decor. The reverse profile design adds another layer of depth by bringing the outside of the frame lower, making all of the features even more visible.

This metal picture frame’s style is based on the metalwork techniques that were prominent during the French Regency. During this period of time, which took place between 1715 and 1723, King Louis XV was a minor, and the country was ruled over by a regent, who served until the king became of age.