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Rose & Torch

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Quick Overview

The Rose & Torch metal easel frame set pairs elegant beauty with functional design. This classically inspired piece is fully freestanding, making it the perfect complement to any fireplace mantle, dresser, or office desk. This handcrafted piece is sure to evoke a greater appreciation for both nature and the classical artists that it follows in the tradition of.

Created in the style of the post-revolution French Empire, the Rose & Torch metal easel frame set has an impeccable design with an unparalleled attention to detail. The laurel leaf sight on the sides helps the eyes to move up and down the piece. And, the pearled sight and edge above and below create also create an amazing border for your picture or art. Finally, the palmette spandrel piece on top of the easel ties the entire piece together.

This exquisite frame set will truly capture the beauty of your art, and is available in both gold and pewter, with several size options.

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