Grand Reopening Announcement We look forward to opening our doors as Elias Artmetal Atelier on October 1, 2021!
The Atelier will offer unique art products, as well as our signature handcrafted picture frames from our workshop, directly to you!
We will begin fulfilling online orders on October 1st.
- Constantine & Ruth Elias

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Trellis Rose

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Quick Overview

The Trellis Rose metal picture frame captures the quintessential American essence, with a beautiful floral design. This traditional American design will elevate any room to a new level with a sophisticated floral pattern that transforms any space with its serene qualities.

The Trellis Rose metal picture frame creates an awesome, transformative atmosphere with a minimalist approach. The multi-vine base serves as a strong foundation for the frame, surrounding the picture itself. Connected to the frame are several carved roses, which attract the viewer’s attention. These intricately detailed roses are sure to captivate viewers with unique swirls, as well as depth. Leaves with unique strokes and vines are also connected to the metal picture frame, with a natural, real-life appeal. The four corners of the Trellis Rose metal picture frame are adorned with enlarged roses.

This handcrafted picture frame will inspire a new appreciation for nature. This metal picture frame is available in several sizes, with pewter and gold options.

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